Monday, July 21, 2008

My five most important accomplishments are:

1. I’ve got 3.10 for my pngk.
2. I was selected as one of my college volleyball players in sukem
3. I managed to buy a hand phone and a laptop without taking money from my parents. Not
even a cent!
4. I’ve got a cute boyfriend! He is adorable, funny, caring, and the most important, he got a lot of patience.
5. I’ve been to ‘cold place’ with my love one.

What qualities of character have I strengthen?

Since I’ve met Amizan, I feel that being happy and not too emotional can really lighten up my days. Therefore, day by day, I keep an eye on his behavior. He is not easily pissed off (unlike me!) and he will always make me laugh with his witty humors. I always said to Amizan that I wanted to be like him. What I’ve learnt is getting angry is an option; even if you are ought to get mad at someone or something, you can just ignore the feeling and act as nothing happen. This kind of simple action can make a lot differences in our life. As for me, patient people are noble. Furthermore, these people are more tolerate and they have less stress in coping with their daily problems. They smiles a lot and people are more attracted to them. So, I will continue on working with my emotion; getting more patient and happier in life.
What needs my attention at this time in my life?
First and foremost, it is my health. I care so much about getting thinner and looking naturally beautiful everyday. Secondly, my education is really important because I wanted to achieve my dream to be a lecturer. Therefore I should study smarter and focused to get exam’s results with flying colors. Then, my relationship with my partner comes to be in third place. I tend to get serious when having special relationship with whom I attracted.