Thursday, December 31, 2009

just click them,nothing much to say.

gorjes clothing

7 ways to stay healthy

fashion! fashion! fashion!

The do's and don't at a bus stop


1. Behave politely. If you have companion, lower down your volume when you

are having any conversation. Some people might find it quite irritating

to hear noises, plus waiting for the bus is not an enjoyable thing to do.

2. Prepare something to read. Anything. You might be a student of language

and linguistic, but take this opportunity to read something that is

beyond your course. Read for pleasure.

3. 'Berzikir dan berselawat'. This can calm you and make you closer to Allah swt. =)


1. ..treat your bus stop as a big dustbin. Dispose appropriately.

2. ..simply grumble. It adds years and wrinkle to your face. You might

end up looking older than your age.

3. .. ..leave without checking your place (when the bus arrive). In case

you might left something behind.

okey, thats all for now. have fun waiting for your bus!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hey girl, what's in ur bag?

With bigger size you can carry much more stuff right? Same goes with me. And you can't imagine how messy it is in there. I have wallet, fan, handkerchief, pens, lipstick, balm, face powder, and books. Sometimes I put in my laptop too( I use the same bag to class and for outing). Since I'm not very good in maintainance , the inside layer has torn. Every single thing has its life, isn't it? Looks like my multipurpose adorable bag's life is coming to an end. So sad. Do I need a new bag? Hmmm..

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Batik Halus for sale!

Ehem2..attention plisss...
Lets save time and check out my collection below----
anyone interested plis leave a message/comment or kindly contact me via:
1. email:

colors available: blue,red,pink,green

Ladies, grab your favorite color now!
Each for only RM35, first come first serve.

what i like about him

~the very first time we met, I never realize that he is a complete stranger.

~he is pretty funny and adorable.

~he is my number 1 best driver. he has lots of patience and that is the very first need to be on the road.

~i love it when he use adidas ice dive deo body smells very very very nice.ahah.

~once in a life time, when i behave badly and he is really pissed off, ooh no. i'll get scolded. tears will run, heart broken. but a while later i know he will kiss away the tears, seducing me with his jokes.

there are too many memories, good or bad, i still love him for who he is.
now tell me girls, what do you like most about yours. =)

Friday, December 25, 2009

the cheapest, the best

i'm craving for a digital camera.

have done few research on it, but failed to find the cheapest (but the best).

anyone, any suggestion?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

can't sleep well..=(

10:30pm, thursday
I just come back from kajang.
Have been out from 3pm, wondering and shopping at Metro mall; alone.
I guess not many people will go out alone like me, but i enjoy it very much.
Sometimes, somehow I need to spend time with myself. My shopping 'method' require much consideration and time. I have to make a wise decision. Nobody should watch or follow me while I'm looking at the product, even the salesgirl. Sorry to say I hate salesgirl who didn't have the soft skill in attending the customers. They make the customers run away rather than becoming more interested to purchase.

My rumet is having her practical now. Meaning, no rumet for this semester unless somebody will register later.huhu
Someone please tell me how to cope with this situation.
I can't sleep alone. It's terrible when you can't have a nice deep sleep and missed the sweet dreams.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm a BIG girl now

No. I'm not talking about my physical size,huhu. Today I've done 2 activities that have waken me up from the comfort little zone; attending lecture and paying school fees. This is another new semester;the only semester left(insyaAllah) before I finish BA ELIT program. Only God knows what will happen in the future. After this I could take a road less travelled. I could ended up in another field that never crossed my mind before. Yes, only God knows; but we are given chance to strive and struggle for our dream.

PTPTN is coming in but it is kinda frustrating. So many things to be paid yet the amount is too little considering the high living cost here. I have to settle my own bussiness. A new semester means a lot of works to be done. TOO many things acquiring a lot of attention. Yes, repeat the word ATTENTION. You'll find that it leads to the sound :TENSION. So be prepared ya.. There is no more parental guide. And that is the thing that freak me out. Uwa......Just now I've paid last semester's debt (so that I can check my exam's result). Okey, honestly I'm grateful to have those grades. Fuh!. It is the best feeling when we can see our hardship has been paid, right?

ok, lets end up this en3 by a special pic;

( campus life has started and this is my first lunch of the new semester!)

Friday, December 18, 2009

request by intuition

I'm not really craving for the meal, but the flashing memories keep bugging me since i woke up. i walked passed the wall and saw the clock, it is 10 a.m but the mind find its way to this memory; happy hour(12-3p.m) --the hot n spicy burger, refreshing icy coke, filled up stomach on a sunny lonely noon or even better, coupletime weekend.that goes until about half a minute and then the anticlimax pop-out;i should blame myself on how much i've spoiled myself with the junkfood.

4 to 5 hours passed, i watched tv, i boiled a packet of instant noodles with curry flavor and sprinkle some black pepper on it.yes, i love hot and spicy meal! wait a minute, my favorite spicy food currently is.......that burger~huhu. urm, maybe they will come home and bring some of it for me. that wish, if it comes true, is a miracle i sister's husband is out to the town with their son and my lil brother. Therefore my sister and i decided to take a day leave from cooking.we claimed we are not hungry. anyway we can buy some food at pasar malam this evening.ahahaha. later on when she was sleeping with her baby, i ended up frying some funfries and that noodle.
(there is nothing more fun than having your funfries with some black pepper and dip them into spicy chili sauce)

Aleesya, the princess woke up and started to make me busy. she refused to lay down so i carry her on my shoulder. i sat for a while and she cried. i walked back and fro but still paying half attention to the csi new york series. oh the princess cried more and more so i have to prepare her milk-her mom is out to the pasar malam. then i put her on the swing-swing. this time she lower down her volume.thank God.

6 p.m and they haven't come home. i switched the channel to cartoon network. hopefully princess will be happy and i'll be happier when she does. her mom come home with some fish and other groceries. she started to cook while i take charge to bath her princess, dress her up.
okey..6:40 p.m they arrive home safely. Guest what? the little boy and his lil uncle brought some plastic bags containing a symbol that i missed so much. oh my McDonalds...yahuuu ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

song by aril~menatap matamu

miss my soul damn much!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Glass of iced lemon tea and ZOO Taiping

It is a sunny day
Zoo Taiping is a big town
wait for the tram, and you'll end up let going them one by one
maybe it's time to forget about vehicle
and concentrate using the two plump legs
to wonder around and get closer to the animals

hours later...

kakiku penat berjalan
mandi peluh.euwww..
seswai sgt jalan ngn baju kebaya
(dr kenduri sedara trus g zoo)

keluar dari perkarangan zoo,

singgah sebentar di gerai minuman
kupesan teh o ais limau satu!
yg lain mau milo o panas,
nescafe tarik, dan tembikai laici
abg waiter sampai dgn senyum manis
'thank you..'jawabku pula dgn lirikan manja.haha
moral of the story: pakai tshirt dan jeans tambah sneakers kalau nk melawat zoo.bwk payung,air mineral,kamera.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

cover up ladies!

for the past few days i've gone through many blogshops and guest wat? i've fall in love on their lovely gorgeous stuff!

these are only a few examples. more to go!---->

FYI, i've paste some of their banner on the left side of this blog and you are free to click. just bear in mind that any purchase made is your own responsibility. buy at your own risk.never reveal your private info (ie. phone,home address, account number) unless you are confirmed the dealers are reliable. some blogshops have their own boutique and usually they'll promote their stuff at facebook or at any social network sites.

every 'trip' i made to these blogshops makes me proud and excited. most of the dealers are girls(yes!) and their passion makes the world more beautiful. i heart their sense of independent, creative and innovative qualities the most. more thing, this message is for me and other girls out there who love fashion and accessories:
~try to pick nice garment which can cover our body. yes, COVER. don't reveal the part that shouldn't be seen( ie. arms,butt,underpants).(ohoh, i'll try my very best but sometime i forgot.huhu)

~not too loose,not too tight. be comfy.

~say no to bright colors, do not sink yourself in gloomy attire. pastel colors are sweet for gorgeous girls like us!

~high-heels are cute, but they make your lower body parts suffer a lot, especially when you spent half of the day at the mall. try something that will bring you to a win-win comfy.
ok, thats all for now, `cover up ladies!`

My baby

here they are.. Adam and Aleesya; apples of my eyes. the brother is very annoying most of the time, but he is very protective to the little girl. he is a total grumpy and selfish boy,especially to me(we used to fight over the tv's channel,he wanted to watch mickey mouse,ben10,tom n jerry..blablabla for 24 hours!). he is very 'allergic' to have shower and i have to drag him to the bathroom everyday. where ever he goes,he would never forget to ask for toys and toys and toys.he can play energetically for half of the day, or watch cartoon all day long but when we ask him to 'study', he will give many excuses. suddenly he got stomach ache, he's hungry, or sleepy, or the phrase that really pissed me off is' i can't do this..i don't know how to do it...blablabla..'while weeping and showing a pity face.
i'm not saying that he is bad. NO! he is just a typical 4 years old well-pampered brat.
sometimes, he is funny too. and caring. he has sharp tongue and quick to learn. nobody ever teach him to speak english(he wasn't a good learner though) but he spontaneously says some phrase or word in daily activities. it is quite impressive for me, in a sense that it sounds so natural and bombastic.
below are some snap taken when adam tries to entertain his lil sister;


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

An hour at Lata Ulu Lawin: Damn cool dude..

**Kawasan Perkelahan Lata Ulu Lawin

Lata Ulu Lawin adalah satu kawasan perkelahan yang terletak kira-kira 27 km daripada pekan Gerik dan 1 km daripada pekan kecil Lawin. Lata Ulu Lawin sesuai dijadikan sebagai tempat perkelahan, akiviti-aktiviti perkhemahan dan kursus. Air yang mengalir melalui lata ini cukup jernih dan tidak tercemar dan udara di kawasan tersebut amat nyaman yang menjadi punca tarikan pengunjung. Kawasan ini juga mempunyai kemudahan seperti kawasan tempat letak kenderaan, kawasan perkhemahan, kedai makan, chalet, tandas awam, surau dan sebagainya.


Last but not least,it's me!still smiling although am terribly frustrated pabila xdpt mandi manda.~hihi

Thursday, November 5, 2009

the time has come...

Lets just convince ourselves that we are all well prepared for the exams! May Allah guide us to the right path. Gambatte Kudasai everybody~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my worst enemy

He might look cute (ahaks)..but beware!
HE is a criminal!
First he will flirt with you..makes you laugh..admiring how cute you are..calls you for hours..never forget to wish sweet dreams every night..and after a few dates he'll say the 3 magic words-- I LOVE YOU-- and therefore you fall head over heels on him.
well,he stole the most important thing in my life;my HEART

P/s WARNING>this felon is mine! who ever dare to get closer or flirt to him, prepare your cheek for two or three slaps from me.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

If you are given a chance to pick a place to reach, where would you go?




Bukit Changgang.full stop.



Hunny+moon= hunnymoonlah!
why the hell i'm talking bout hunnymoon here? hurm.well.. I've read about Law of Attraction lately. Inspired by the reading and my experiences in life, I do believe philosophy of powerful thinking. I also believe in intuition, an inner voice that tell us about the future, connect us to our love ones.Back to hunnymoon, supposedly it is for married couple.(hey, whats wrong if i wanted a hunnymoon rite now?)You got to have these
1.a partner-who have lots lots lots of money(no money no hunney!)
2. venue
3. Camera

okey..for my hunnymoon, I've got half of number 1, where the partner is there but he is still working on the money, to collect his first millions so that we can travel around the world~ngee
For number 3, maybe next semester I'll try to be a successful biznessgirl next door and save enough money to buy a brand new digital camera
Rite now all i can do is just plan where to go with my hunny----
Korea?JEju island
(influenced by korean muvis)
cameron highland

or at a nice home of our own? a lot cheaper.and comfortable. haha. I've been dreaming and dreaming and dreaming all these days (ciri2 dilanda escapism). Lets just leave it to God-hopefully the one that i'm dating today will be the one who I spent the rest of my life with. God bless us~

Saturday, October 31, 2009 for me.... :-)

last wednesday i took part in carefreequeen contest at pusanika ukm. they had given me a Linkin Park cd for my 30 seconds video of martial order to win this contest, my video should have the highest number of viewer.feel free to click is the due date..who knows i could be the winner? hahaha

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Berita Romance Daily

1st Feb 2008-Malaysia.
The girl's life in this picture has been consciously abducted by the man on the left. They are believed to start dating yesterday after they bump into each other's page at yahoo messenger Perak chatroom. Since the first date, they are helplessly attracted to each other like magnet. Phone bills seems ridiculously increased while each other's core business has been interrupted. Luckily the quality of their job are slightly improved. Now it is almost 2 years and they manage to remain loyal through thick and thin.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Journeys of my feet buddies

Price :RM55
Place :SOGO KL
Condition :A bit worn, but STILL WEARABLE

History of services
This shoes fulfill my longing for a footwear that are comfortable and water resistance. I walked fast, always running for a late bus and at the same time it should be suitable for casual attire to attend class and lecture. I wear this with my baju kurung, jeans, and skirts. For me, RM55 is quite expensive (to spend on my feet) but I am totally contented by the service provided. It never failed to accompany me who always have unexpected place and plan to go (even at night to catch the train).

Seized land
Pahang Matriculation College
UKM-PPBL, Pusanika,Pavilion,FPEND,FSSK,Za’ba, Unikeb,PTSL
Klang Valley
Kuala Lumpur

Price :RM17.70(after 70% discounted)
Brand :G.Davin
Place :Metro Plaza Kajang
Date :July 2009
Condition :Waiting to be send to a cobbler

History of Services
Just picked up when wondering at Plaza Metro Kajang at early semester 09'(PTPTN is just coming in and the money can't wait to come out, spent at shopping malls). It is very cheap yet comfortable.Besides, the flexible feature allow me to wear it on the go.The round tip with a ribbon remind me of my 'anastasia' in pet society. Just like my sandal shown previously, this shoes are multipurpose. I just wear it anywhere, with all sorts of attire.
Seized land
UKM-PPBL, Pusanika,PTSL,FPEND,FSSK,Za’ba, Unikeb,
Klang Valley
Kuala Lumpur

Price :RM27
Brand :XES appeal
Date :AUGUST 2008
Condition :WORN OUT
History of services
I always wanted to have a high heel(to look more feminine,ahakss), but it must be very comfy to support my active lifestyle. Since the design is quite appealing to me, plus it is picked up by my hunny, hurm..this shoes had 'once' become my favorite footwear. Now, it has loses the ability to provide services because the owner is very bad at maintainance.
Seized land
UKM-PPBL, Pusanika,PTSL,FPEND,FSSK,Za’ba, Unikeb,
Klang Valley
Kuala Lumpur

I always pray for you, every day, after every prayer. don't worry

This picture was taken on August 2009 when my family fetch me from UKM to have a picnic at PD. It was such a memorable moment since the opportunity for us to gather like this rarely happen. But here I'm not going to talk about the picnic. It is about my mum. My lovely mum.

Final exam is just around the corner. As any student would do, I asked my mum to pray for me. The same usual answer that I'll get each time is, " I always pray for you, every day, after every prayer. don't worry". The moment I hear these magic words, I said these to myself " Me too, mum. I never forget to ask God to protect and shower both of you with love. I'll prove that this daughter of yours will pass the exam with flying colors. At least, I'll put my best foot forward, regardless the pain and hardship that are for sure waiting for me.

Right now I'm listening to these songs..touching gitu..

Amelina : semakin rindu semakin asyik
Andra and the backbone: sempurna
sixth sense: tanpa
Anuar zain : ketulusan hati

Priceless package!

Exercises for the mind and body, self defense, and memorable experiences; all in one package. These are the thing that I’ve gained by joining the martial art group which is Silat Cekak Hanafi UKM. I get a skill to defend myself in a harmful situation and spent 4 hours of healthy physical activities per week (plus 1 hour of walking home from pusanika to za'ba). The training sessions were held on Monday and Wednesday NIGHT. It is indeed very tiring since I've got 22 units for this semester but as the saying goes, "no pain, no gain". Plus sometimes the trainers will send us back by car (but most of the time we have to squeeze our energy to get back).

The thing that impressed me much is, there are female seniors (trainers) who are much smaller than me but they manage to knock me down. (haha. Of course they could, I'm the one who is learning and they had the skill long before I joined them!). They are kind and helpful and always ready to help whenever we need; I can say that their attitude is very appealing. The male trainers always give us advices and show concern about our safety while we are practicing. However sometimes I find this session terribly annoying because I think they intentionally talk so much so that we couldn’t catch the last bus (11pm) and have to walk to our college. About the other members, they are all supportive and friendly (Plus hilarious too).
The most important part is when you know you like to stare at someone and the person gives a positive feedback. Haha. Well, that is vital for me coz I need inspiration to make sure I have the courage in attending the 2 hours training although there are loads of assignment waiting on my table!
p/s hope to see the person next semester.uhu