Monday, August 24, 2009

Five minutes of peace..

Take a deep breath....and let it go. Repeat this step for about five times. Then.. slowly think about the latest thing/people/incident/memory/experience that you find most amusing in your life. Maybe your mum had bought a very nice dress for you. Maybe your dad praises your excellent academic achievement in front of your siblings. Or maybe it's just your boyfriend/girlfriend had taken you to your favorite restaurant and you both enjoy the day.
Think deep and feel the emotion. Isn't that sweet? Smile! You will realize that there's somebody out there who really cares about you. There's somebody who really loves to be with you. All it takes is just love and understanding.
Forget about the tense of your job, forget about what mum hasn't buy for you, forget about what dad has criticize about your grade and start thinking positively.
We can't force people to understand ourselves, but we can develop empathy towards other people.
Think of five main people you care most. Think of five things they had done for you that you love most. Think of appreciating other people's kindness. Think and think in a five minutes of PIECE.