Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lets learn Japanese with Junne sensei

Hello everybody.
Ogenkidesuka? That’s a Japanese word which means ‘how are you’. Today I’m going to begin an online class for those who are interested to speak Japanese. It is absolutely free and you are not going to be overloaded with any assignments (Yeah!). Let’s learn something new and you are going to have fun in my class!
**Junne sensei**

Sensei: Teacher(Guru) :Use this word to address your teacher
Eg. Shanthini sensei, Shahizah sensei, or Ruzy sensei

Watashiwa:Me(saya) :Use this word to address yourself to others, followed by the word desu right after your name. eg. Watashiwa Nackeeran desu

Onamaewa :What is your name?(apa nama awak?) :This word is used when you meet a person for the first time and you wanted to know his/her name.

:Yes :You can use this word to answer a question
Eg. Q: Ogenkidesuka?(how are you?) A: hait.genkidesu.(saya sihat)

Okey, example of a simple conversation for meeting a person for the first time is like these...

A: Watashiwa Anastasia desu. Onamaewa?
B: Watashiwa Kelvin desu. Ogenkidesuka?
A: Hait, genkidesu.


Atiqah said...

wah KK pon da wat kelas jepun online..kte x update lg kelas mandarin online kte nih

Hairiah bt Mohammad Shariff said...

hehe. class memain jek. tuk diri sdri ngn yg sudi membaca, tambah pengetahuan.