Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pain..pain.. and pain.

i don't really remember when is the last time i have a great time for myself. all this while time was spent working on what i'm expected to do,what i've instructed to do and what ever thing that is meant to satisfy others. but how bout me? i've got feelings too. i'm human and not a machine! sometimes i feel like not any single person care about one turn to me when i need them badly. i was left behind and neglected. all i need is just love. i need people to care about me..asking me to perform well in my study is not enough; that doesn't sound caring for me,its an instruction! have they ever asked me what problems i've encountered here? who is your lecturer,what did they taught you in class-how many assignments --how many friends you have or how did you spent your weekend?- no,no,no! never! i feel very lonely. helpless.heart-broken.


Atiqah said...

KK what happen?
do u have problems?
do u need a shoulder to land on?

ziha said... strong..
same with me here..
i also feel lonely in my rum..
just dunno wt to do..
tho the're lots of works.huhu

Hairiah bt Mohammad Shariff said...

tiqah..thanks a lot for ur concern.I'm just throwing out the pain so it won't hurt me anymore.let just leave it to God~

Hairiah bt Mohammad Shariff said...

To ziha: thanks dear. now i know there are people out there who have the same problem like me.hopefully we can go through these pain and gain more strength for our future~