Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Priceless package!

Exercises for the mind and body, self defense, and memorable experiences; all in one package. These are the thing that I’ve gained by joining the martial art group which is Silat Cekak Hanafi UKM. I get a skill to defend myself in a harmful situation and spent 4 hours of healthy physical activities per week (plus 1 hour of walking home from pusanika to za'ba). The training sessions were held on Monday and Wednesday NIGHT. It is indeed very tiring since I've got 22 units for this semester but as the saying goes, "no pain, no gain". Plus sometimes the trainers will send us back by car (but most of the time we have to squeeze our energy to get back).

The thing that impressed me much is, there are female seniors (trainers) who are much smaller than me but they manage to knock me down. (haha. Of course they could, I'm the one who is learning and they had the skill long before I joined them!). They are kind and helpful and always ready to help whenever we need; I can say that their attitude is very appealing. The male trainers always give us advices and show concern about our safety while we are practicing. However sometimes I find this session terribly annoying because I think they intentionally talk so much so that we couldn’t catch the last bus (11pm) and have to walk to our college. About the other members, they are all supportive and friendly (Plus hilarious too).
The most important part is when you know you like to stare at someone and the person gives a positive feedback. Haha. Well, that is vital for me coz I need inspiration to make sure I have the courage in attending the 2 hours training although there are loads of assignment waiting on my table!
p/s hope to see the person next semester.uhu


Atiqah said...

hoho who's that person who gives u a touch of inspiration???

Hairiah bt Mohammad Shariff said...

a specky boy..but i dunno which faculty he belongs to.-don't hav enaf gut to talk to him.hehe