Tuesday, October 20, 2009

something that you love might be something that is bad for you. only God knows...

i love delicious food, they make me grow plump.
i love cute shoes, they hold my feet in pain.
i love hp, the prepaid cost me hundreds per month
i love 'internetting', it makes my time goes by without productivity
i love hanging out, it makes me spent less in my study
i love shopping, it makes my account helplessly empty long before the end of semester

i love him , he is my soul, my happiness, but he turn away when i need him badly


nurul husna binti ibrahim said...

kk be strong..ok..

Hairiah bt Mohammad Shariff said...

oh..thanks dear..(never expected anybody to read this actually.hehe)

ziha said...

kami blogger y berjaya..cehh xblh blah..hihi
mende2 mcm ni mst alert..
nak2 u r one of our bestfren!
gud luck 4 the presentation!

Atiqah said...

kk dh ok ke?
relax k jgn tension
kmi semua ada