Thursday, November 5, 2009

the time has come...

Lets just convince ourselves that we are all well prepared for the exams! May Allah guide us to the right path. Gambatte Kudasai everybody~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my worst enemy

He might look cute (ahaks)..but beware!
HE is a criminal!
First he will flirt with you..makes you laugh..admiring how cute you are..calls you for hours..never forget to wish sweet dreams every night..and after a few dates he'll say the 3 magic words-- I LOVE YOU-- and therefore you fall head over heels on him.
well,he stole the most important thing in my life;my HEART

P/s WARNING>this felon is mine! who ever dare to get closer or flirt to him, prepare your cheek for two or three slaps from me.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

If you are given a chance to pick a place to reach, where would you go?




Bukit Changgang.full stop.



Hunny+moon= hunnymoonlah!
why the hell i'm talking bout hunnymoon here? hurm.well.. I've read about Law of Attraction lately. Inspired by the reading and my experiences in life, I do believe philosophy of powerful thinking. I also believe in intuition, an inner voice that tell us about the future, connect us to our love ones.Back to hunnymoon, supposedly it is for married couple.(hey, whats wrong if i wanted a hunnymoon rite now?)You got to have these
1.a partner-who have lots lots lots of money(no money no hunney!)
2. venue
3. Camera

okey..for my hunnymoon, I've got half of number 1, where the partner is there but he is still working on the money, to collect his first millions so that we can travel around the world~ngee
For number 3, maybe next semester I'll try to be a successful biznessgirl next door and save enough money to buy a brand new digital camera
Rite now all i can do is just plan where to go with my hunny----
Korea?JEju island
(influenced by korean muvis)
cameron highland

or at a nice home of our own? a lot cheaper.and comfortable. haha. I've been dreaming and dreaming and dreaming all these days (ciri2 dilanda escapism). Lets just leave it to God-hopefully the one that i'm dating today will be the one who I spent the rest of my life with. God bless us~