Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my worst enemy

He might look cute (ahaks)..but beware!
HE is a criminal!
First he will flirt with you..makes you laugh..admiring how cute you are..calls you for hours..never forget to wish sweet dreams every night..and after a few dates he'll say the 3 magic words-- I LOVE YOU-- and therefore you fall head over heels on him.
well,he stole the most important thing in my life;my HEART

P/s WARNING>this felon is mine! who ever dare to get closer or flirt to him, prepare your cheek for two or three slaps from me.


Atiqah said...

i dont want to get your palm marks on my cheek..

ziha said...

xboleh blh..haha
jgn men2 i xnk kne slap ngn kk..huhu

nurul husna binti ibrahim said...

i pn xmo..haha

AzuanBudakPandai said...

aku tak hendak haha

Hairiah bt Mohammad Shariff said...

bkn stakat slap could be worst than that.haha