Thursday, December 24, 2009

can't sleep well..=(

10:30pm, thursday
I just come back from kajang.
Have been out from 3pm, wondering and shopping at Metro mall; alone.
I guess not many people will go out alone like me, but i enjoy it very much.
Sometimes, somehow I need to spend time with myself. My shopping 'method' require much consideration and time. I have to make a wise decision. Nobody should watch or follow me while I'm looking at the product, even the salesgirl. Sorry to say I hate salesgirl who didn't have the soft skill in attending the customers. They make the customers run away rather than becoming more interested to purchase.

My rumet is having her practical now. Meaning, no rumet for this semester unless somebody will register later.huhu
Someone please tell me how to cope with this situation.
I can't sleep alone. It's terrible when you can't have a nice deep sleep and missed the sweet dreams.


Atiqah said...

same with me room mate will be back earlier this sem, i will stay alone for a month later onwards..
just think positive...i normally berangan dulu before close my eyes..then, i will have a sweet dream..

Missjunne said...

okey dear,thnks..