Thursday, December 10, 2009

cover up ladies!

for the past few days i've gone through many blogshops and guest wat? i've fall in love on their lovely gorgeous stuff!

these are only a few examples. more to go!---->

FYI, i've paste some of their banner on the left side of this blog and you are free to click. just bear in mind that any purchase made is your own responsibility. buy at your own risk.never reveal your private info (ie. phone,home address, account number) unless you are confirmed the dealers are reliable. some blogshops have their own boutique and usually they'll promote their stuff at facebook or at any social network sites.

every 'trip' i made to these blogshops makes me proud and excited. most of the dealers are girls(yes!) and their passion makes the world more beautiful. i heart their sense of independent, creative and innovative qualities the most. more thing, this message is for me and other girls out there who love fashion and accessories:
~try to pick nice garment which can cover our body. yes, COVER. don't reveal the part that shouldn't be seen( ie. arms,butt,underpants).(ohoh, i'll try my very best but sometime i forgot.huhu)

~not too loose,not too tight. be comfy.

~say no to bright colors, do not sink yourself in gloomy attire. pastel colors are sweet for gorgeous girls like us!

~high-heels are cute, but they make your lower body parts suffer a lot, especially when you spent half of the day at the mall. try something that will bring you to a win-win comfy.
ok, thats all for now, `cover up ladies!`


Atiqah said...

nice entry the way..the shoes look sem..wanna get new shoes..the old one is slippery and cant get well with the feet.

Missjunne said...

tq tiqah,,jom shopping YES!--year end sale.hehe