Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hey girl, what's in ur bag?

With bigger size you can carry much more stuff right? Same goes with me. And you can't imagine how messy it is in there. I have wallet, fan, handkerchief, pens, lipstick, balm, face powder, and books. Sometimes I put in my laptop too( I use the same bag to class and for outing). Since I'm not very good in maintainance , the inside layer has torn. Every single thing has its life, isn't it? Looks like my multipurpose adorable bag's life is coming to an end. So sad. Do I need a new bag? Hmmm..


Atiqah said...

that's normal kk..
I've changed to a new bag last sem..see, after 2 years equal to 4 sem have been using the same old-school bag, finally last sem my BF bought one for me..hehee
since he doesnt like his girl to look selekeh with old-school bag..hahaha

cokelat lover said...

of sem,new year n new stuff (bag)