Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I'm a BIG girl now

No. I'm not talking about my physical size,huhu. Today I've done 2 activities that have waken me up from the comfort little zone; attending lecture and paying school fees. This is another new semester;the only semester left(insyaAllah) before I finish BA ELIT program. Only God knows what will happen in the future. After this I could take a road less travelled. I could ended up in another field that never crossed my mind before. Yes, only God knows; but we are given chance to strive and struggle for our dream.

PTPTN is coming in but it is kinda frustrating. So many things to be paid yet the amount is too little considering the high living cost here. I have to settle my own bussiness. A new semester means a lot of works to be done. TOO many things acquiring a lot of attention. Yes, repeat the word ATTENTION. You'll find that it leads to the sound :TENSION. So be prepared ya.. There is no more parental guide. And that is the thing that freak me out. Uwa......Just now I've paid last semester's debt (so that I can check my exam's result). Okey, honestly I'm grateful to have those grades. Fuh!. It is the best feeling when we can see our hardship has been paid, right?

ok, lets end up this en3 by a special pic;

( campus life has started and this is my first lunch of the new semester!)


Atiqah said...

yup..its frustrating to see all the money flows like water for other things though we need it badly to run through this semester.
hmm interesting..i would love to set up my own business too but somehow deep in my heart i have this kind of guilty for ruining my fren's business..hoho..
sgt baik hati kn...hahaha

Missjunne said...

hmm nk bisnes pe tu tiqah =).no need to be guilty la..just do it.