Thursday, December 10, 2009

My baby

here they are.. Adam and Aleesya; apples of my eyes. the brother is very annoying most of the time, but he is very protective to the little girl. he is a total grumpy and selfish boy,especially to me(we used to fight over the tv's channel,he wanted to watch mickey mouse,ben10,tom n jerry..blablabla for 24 hours!). he is very 'allergic' to have shower and i have to drag him to the bathroom everyday. where ever he goes,he would never forget to ask for toys and toys and toys.he can play energetically for half of the day, or watch cartoon all day long but when we ask him to 'study', he will give many excuses. suddenly he got stomach ache, he's hungry, or sleepy, or the phrase that really pissed me off is' i can't do this..i don't know how to do it...blablabla..'while weeping and showing a pity face.
i'm not saying that he is bad. NO! he is just a typical 4 years old well-pampered brat.
sometimes, he is funny too. and caring. he has sharp tongue and quick to learn. nobody ever teach him to speak english(he wasn't a good learner though) but he spontaneously says some phrase or word in daily activities. it is quite impressive for me, in a sense that it sounds so natural and bombastic.
below are some snap taken when adam tries to entertain his lil sister;