Friday, December 18, 2009

request by intuition

I'm not really craving for the meal, but the flashing memories keep bugging me since i woke up. i walked passed the wall and saw the clock, it is 10 a.m but the mind find its way to this memory; happy hour(12-3p.m) --the hot n spicy burger, refreshing icy coke, filled up stomach on a sunny lonely noon or even better, coupletime weekend.that goes until about half a minute and then the anticlimax pop-out;i should blame myself on how much i've spoiled myself with the junkfood.

4 to 5 hours passed, i watched tv, i boiled a packet of instant noodles with curry flavor and sprinkle some black pepper on it.yes, i love hot and spicy meal! wait a minute, my favorite spicy food currently is.......that burger~huhu. urm, maybe they will come home and bring some of it for me. that wish, if it comes true, is a miracle i sister's husband is out to the town with their son and my lil brother. Therefore my sister and i decided to take a day leave from cooking.we claimed we are not hungry. anyway we can buy some food at pasar malam this evening.ahahaha. later on when she was sleeping with her baby, i ended up frying some funfries and that noodle.
(there is nothing more fun than having your funfries with some black pepper and dip them into spicy chili sauce)

Aleesya, the princess woke up and started to make me busy. she refused to lay down so i carry her on my shoulder. i sat for a while and she cried. i walked back and fro but still paying half attention to the csi new york series. oh the princess cried more and more so i have to prepare her milk-her mom is out to the pasar malam. then i put her on the swing-swing. this time she lower down her volume.thank God.

6 p.m and they haven't come home. i switched the channel to cartoon network. hopefully princess will be happy and i'll be happier when she does. her mom come home with some fish and other groceries. she started to cook while i take charge to bath her princess, dress her up.
okey..6:40 p.m they arrive home safely. Guest what? the little boy and his lil uncle brought some plastic bags containing a symbol that i missed so much. oh my McDonalds...yahuuu ;)