Tuesday, December 29, 2009

what i like about him

~the very first time we met, I never realize that he is a complete stranger.

~he is pretty funny and adorable.

~he is my number 1 best driver. he has lots of patience and that is the very first need to be on the road.

~i love it when he use adidas ice dive deo body smells very very very nice.ahah.

~once in a life time, when i behave badly and he is really pissed off, ooh no. i'll get scolded. tears will run, heart broken. but a while later i know he will kiss away the tears, seducing me with his jokes.

there are too many memories, good or bad, i still love him for who he is.
now tell me girls, what do you like most about yours. =)


cokelat lover said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeee my boyfriend bcoz he leave me for another girl....hahahah

Atiqah said...

kak husna...
jgnla ckp cmtu..sedey dgr aih..

about him..
well there are so many sweet and good things about him I adored so much, but no regret sometimes he is so annoying until i feel like to cry..
but most of the time, he will be the first man i'll rely on after my dad..
hopefully things between us will go smoothly..end up as husband and wife and have kids for our next generation...
whooooo pnjgnye angan2..

for the time being let us continue to chase our long as we put our trust in Allah, no matter what happen, insyaAllah we'll be together..

actually bru je pas discuss nk smbung study kat oversea..adeh sshnye nk convince laki ni...

Missjunne said...

cokelat lover..he left bcoz u deserve a better person. and he is a junk.

Missjunne said...


have u ever ask him what is His hope/dream in ur relationship?

Atiqah said...

well..kk actually both of us sama2 nk continue mslhnye..die nk suh smbung dlm Malaysia je..adeh..kte nmpk vision lain...

kawin..lambt lg dlm planning ktorg..

yup..kak husna desrve a better person, a better man as a husband..

cokelat lover said...

uwaaaaa...thnks a lot for ur support..terharu..uhukkk..ok2..i wil wait for dat guy which i deserve to get..huhu