Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Simply seductive

Looking at these gorgeous maxi dress makes my jaw dropped. feminine, stunning and fabulous! one day I have to try one of these and people will definitely turned heads around.haha

those who are interested to purchase, kindly refer to the link provided.happy shopping!

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Monday, January 25, 2010

wat an empty life..

last friday i make up my mind not to go anywhere but finish the assignment.

Wake up in the early empty saturday..make a cup of choco milk as breakfast and tried to do some reading...

After 10 minutes I've started thinking. How boring it is to be stranded lonely in my empty room. Yes. IT is empty and no one could ever imagine how hurt it is. Okey, never mind, I still have the courage to stick myself with the article of Basnett and Remak.

That article can't hold me longer than 20 minutes. I just can't bear the torture. Then a green object caught my eyes. I peeled them of and cut it into cubes. It is good enough to fill this empty stomach.

Phone calls aren't enough to keep me company. I need u honey..

At 4 p.m

I was so disappointed to reveal the fact that the concert was postponed while the marathon needs form to be filled in before i can join them. Crap!

The urge to see you is unbearable. Lets pack a few things and just leave.


Walking pass the KFC and was reminded the sweet moment with you honey..Suddenly i realized i was at Giant in Kajang and was doing some shopping. Going through some pasta and jars of Prego. Finally pick them up at the third round. And a can of mushroom would be nice. A tube of minced meat, two slices of boneless chicken breast. the wonderful feelings. Then dropped by at the Cottage Bakery to purchased an orange sponge cake and a cheese bun.

Now wat? Ow..the journey to Pendamar isn't that enjoyable. Its okey its alright as long as i can see you honey, the two hours of waiting is nothing much.

The arrival.

Lets stop here as I don't want to forget those great moments.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I miss my COMOT

CUTE, spoiled, funny, understanding and somehow furious. That is me, more or less like a cat. Sometimes a cat is energetic, playful and cautious. Sometimes it will only sleep and sleep all the time. I used to have a cat which will ask for food politely; when I was sitting on the chair, she stand up with her hind leg and put the front paws on my lap,tapping while meowing. The sound she makes are persuasively soft. We called her COMOT because she has three colors scattered on her fur. Her tail is short and tangled. Now she had gone and we decided not to keep a cat in the house anymore. Here are some pictures in my collection, I feel like smiling when going through these...

one of my entry for E-method blogpost.hehe

another one..

the reality is..I am a sad cute cat.Now.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

looking for a part time job

there is only a few months left before i finish the degree. oh my... i haven't decide yet what i'm going to do with my life after that. is there any option that allows me to goyang kaki and earn money? i mean a looooot of money. hahah. it is ridiculous, unless you marry someone who have had a wife( or maybe wivess), the one who got title, or any hotel owner; like gong chan in mygirl does. get married is one more thing. a survey said you will only be able to be a wealthy people (work efficiently) if you have fulfilled the basic needs--one of them is SEX (refer to maslow theory).that is quite interesting. haha. i believe it is true. for muslims, we have to get MARRIED legally to have SEX. i've heard pious people said it's okey if you are not wealthy enough to get married, married is something that can bring wealth to your life. so, the conclusion is, lets get married hunny..i miss you terribly T_T. --,-<@

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to be a SWEET girlfriend/partner

hello there?
today our topic is as stated above T_T
since I haven't start anything on my gender essay(OMG) lets just go straight to the point. These are some tips provided from my own experience T_T and you can take it or leave it.

1. Smile and laugh freely. Be happy. If you are someone who didn't know how to make jokes, starts with watching comedy. click here

2. Don't answer his phone call or sms for the whole day. (or maybe if you two have been a couple for more than 3 years, make it for three days minimum!) . Let him miss you and wonder where is my cute little darling, what is she doing right now?, suddenly he will realize he miss you a lot. See, this is only a way to give him a space to feel the i miss you-

3. Lovely gift. Think about the feelings when you receive your first teddy bear, isn't it wonderful? Let it be a comfy sweater, a warm blanket, a cute keychain, a pair of sneakers or what ever you know he will be smiling when he saw them.

4. My treat~take out your purse, buy him a lunch, dinner or movie tickets. Ask him what would he like to eat,what kind of movie he wanted to watch.anyway, Kfc has just come out with a luscious, mouth-watering meal---> zinger tower.
last time i treat my hunny to watch Avatar. am proudly says that he enjoy it very much and thank me with a great smile T_T

Monday, January 11, 2010

i need more !

2 days ago i spend my blissful weekend with my beloved partner. (this should explain why i've not been updating this blog ^^.)I'm soooo happy to be on his side, 24 hours.hehe. don't get me wrong. i stayed at his aunty's house at Pendamar, Klang. just thinking of him now, and it makes me vulnerably helpless. i need more. i want you. let's get married! haha ^^,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

heart broken syndrome

I don't know why, but girls around me are having bad times in their relationship. so do I! and it is just unbearable. for me, at this moment i'll never let myself locked-up in my room alone. Find a companion, talk about anything and you'll find the burden inside fade away bit by bit. sharing is caring; let others know your feelings and don't be surprise, maybe the one you're talking with might have experienced the the same problem, the same situation.

Lately I'm thinking about being single and not available in any relationship with guys. I think it is better if we start to love someone only after tying the knot. Be a very good girl, find the right man and start to date as husband and wife. You are free to walk hand in hand, watching movies together and do many more things day and night!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Food, again. things that can swing your mood

Sunday, January 3, 2010

our special late dinner =)

Just now my stomach has been pleasantly filled by a bowl of spaghetti bolognese, fried mushrooms,chicken and frankfurter. Serve with hot Sabah Tea. I simply love it. Not just because it taste great( for an amateur like us ^^), the meal have been prepared with so much love and fun. There are about five of us, with a rice cooker and electric stove. Mind you, I'm living alone this semester and this is the first time I have so many guest in my room. =) =) =)

I feel soooooo happy ( my tummy feel a lot happier =P) and okay, till then, bubbye..