Thursday, January 7, 2010

heart broken syndrome

I don't know why, but girls around me are having bad times in their relationship. so do I! and it is just unbearable. for me, at this moment i'll never let myself locked-up in my room alone. Find a companion, talk about anything and you'll find the burden inside fade away bit by bit. sharing is caring; let others know your feelings and don't be surprise, maybe the one you're talking with might have experienced the the same problem, the same situation.

Lately I'm thinking about being single and not available in any relationship with guys. I think it is better if we start to love someone only after tying the knot. Be a very good girl, find the right man and start to date as husband and wife. You are free to walk hand in hand, watching movies together and do many more things day and night!


ziha said...

wow kk..nak single but not available nampak?he boleh ke?
pape pon klu de mslh jgn pendam dlm aty..insyaAllah mane tahu kite n kwn2 y lain dpt membantu..

Missjunne said...

hurm..rasanya dh bosan kot hidup berkapel.haha

Atiqah said...

what if, ur parents choose the guy for u?
are u going to love him better than what u did in previous guy?
I dont know..i dont see myself in the shoes, and i really couldnt think of being married with a complete stranger..

Missjunne said...

tiqah..when the situation is sooo complicated, i feel very lost and helpless, i'll always convince myself to just leave it to God, (but only after I know I have done my best)

cokelat lover said...

btul..msg2 de mslh relationship wif their love one..nth ler..let it be happen in natural way..i mean ikot je flow our life..hmm..sigh~~