Thursday, January 21, 2010

I miss my COMOT

CUTE, spoiled, funny, understanding and somehow furious. That is me, more or less like a cat. Sometimes a cat is energetic, playful and cautious. Sometimes it will only sleep and sleep all the time. I used to have a cat which will ask for food politely; when I was sitting on the chair, she stand up with her hind leg and put the front paws on my lap,tapping while meowing. The sound she makes are persuasively soft. We called her COMOT because she has three colors scattered on her fur. Her tail is short and tangled. Now she had gone and we decided not to keep a cat in the house anymore. Here are some pictures in my collection, I feel like smiling when going through these...

one of my entry for E-method blogpost.hehe

another one..

the reality is..I am a sad cute cat.Now.


ziha said...

dont be sad cute cat ye kk..he3

Missjunne said...

okey la tu.walaupun sad, still cute.hihi