Thursday, January 14, 2010

looking for a part time job

there is only a few months left before i finish the degree. oh my... i haven't decide yet what i'm going to do with my life after that. is there any option that allows me to goyang kaki and earn money? i mean a looooot of money. hahah. it is ridiculous, unless you marry someone who have had a wife( or maybe wivess), the one who got title, or any hotel owner; like gong chan in mygirl does. get married is one more thing. a survey said you will only be able to be a wealthy people (work efficiently) if you have fulfilled the basic needs--one of them is SEX (refer to maslow theory).that is quite interesting. haha. i believe it is true. for muslims, we have to get MARRIED legally to have SEX. i've heard pious people said it's okey if you are not wealthy enough to get married, married is something that can bring wealth to your life. so, the conclusion is, lets get married hunny..i miss you terribly T_T. --,-<@


Fathi Adha said...

buke bisnes sendiri..