Monday, January 25, 2010

wat an empty life..

last friday i make up my mind not to go anywhere but finish the assignment.

Wake up in the early empty saturday..make a cup of choco milk as breakfast and tried to do some reading...

After 10 minutes I've started thinking. How boring it is to be stranded lonely in my empty room. Yes. IT is empty and no one could ever imagine how hurt it is. Okey, never mind, I still have the courage to stick myself with the article of Basnett and Remak.

That article can't hold me longer than 20 minutes. I just can't bear the torture. Then a green object caught my eyes. I peeled them of and cut it into cubes. It is good enough to fill this empty stomach.

Phone calls aren't enough to keep me company. I need u honey..

At 4 p.m

I was so disappointed to reveal the fact that the concert was postponed while the marathon needs form to be filled in before i can join them. Crap!

The urge to see you is unbearable. Lets pack a few things and just leave.


Walking pass the KFC and was reminded the sweet moment with you honey..Suddenly i realized i was at Giant in Kajang and was doing some shopping. Going through some pasta and jars of Prego. Finally pick them up at the third round. And a can of mushroom would be nice. A tube of minced meat, two slices of boneless chicken breast. the wonderful feelings. Then dropped by at the Cottage Bakery to purchased an orange sponge cake and a cheese bun.

Now wat? Ow..the journey to Pendamar isn't that enjoyable. Its okey its alright as long as i can see you honey, the two hours of waiting is nothing much.

The arrival.

Lets stop here as I don't want to forget those great moments.