Friday, February 26, 2010

nasib sebuah meja

here i am, still awake and able to hug my teddy(under my armpit) while bersila on the bed,facing the desk. oh..what a mess..first drawer ade sangkut beg kuliah. makeup err not actually makeup--just johnson's baby oil, lotion and baby powder are jam-packed in the small pink container.not to forget a bottle of eversoft olive oil,(xmuat nk masuk pink container) two empty water bottles, a flask, an empty jar, a knife(knife?!), a green skinned manggo, a small plastic of chillies, laptop cooler, sepit rambut putih, bluetooth adapter, pen memandu, sikat ungu, small scissors, a tortoise(which meant to be put on a decent fridge), a mirror laying beside a miserable stack of papers and last 4 semesters' novels. the wrapping paper which is covering the naked table looks helplessly torn and pathetic. but the design is so sweet with lots of luv in colorful tone, making it impossible to be taken away before end of semester; or to be exact, the final day of my undergraduate's life.

i live in such a messy place. sakit mata memandang, berat bahu memikul. but i can't do anything bout it. it takes me days to discover the fact that the floor hadn't been swept for too long, because i wear slippers in my room. small things here and there keep on poking my sight, but as always, i think that is the only place where they belongs to. are you sure? a bottle of --- shampoo,halfway used hide beside the left kaki of my desk. on the right pula, there is an acer laptop box with books inside and on top of it, Buncho poster color, undefined brand of water color, and a cute green flowery palette. there is also unfinished bottle of ----shampoo which i've found that the smell can be heaven but the effect is like hell. a johnson's baby complete travel kit can be found on that acer box too.

that is only the front part of my view. and i'm not going to tell any about my laundry basket.huhu. believe it or not, this is the place where i've been living for months and even i've tried to keep all things arranged, they'll end up not looking as if have been neatly done. sampai masa, xde hati nk mengemas langsung, then gi lah merayap kt tempat org yg kemas ckit,. mess up their place and come back to my nest. cuddling with my teddy on the bed and nuzzle after his furs.
such a great, ultimate indulgence!


cokelat lover said...

nsb bek blik i jauh dr u..kalo x u mst dtg sepahkn..hikhikhik

ziha said...

my room lg worst dr u tau..
no time to kemas..
ohh..balik kg x cakap ye..

Missjunne said...

cokelat lover: tgu jela masanye kan tiba bila i dpt sepah2kan ur room.hehe

Missjunne said...

ziha: oh ni blh wat kelab xrajin mengemas ni.sape nk join lg, admission free!