Thursday, February 25, 2010

oh mau jalan2..mines kah? midvalley kah? i'm craving for new pairs of shoes, heels and handbag. u know wat, this is a common feeling when there are a lot of hard work to be done, not enough sleep and my effort seems to be squeezed to the fullest. wat a hectic week.and i'm totally weak now. there is a need to indulge myself with new things..fresher environment.

banyak yg dh bertanya, y they haven't heard of me telling stories about mizan anymore.
ok.thats a sign. terlalu bnyk bercerita ttg memori yg manis dan lucu bersama dia dan sekarang nothing happened. we just ignore each other and thats it. the thing is, i've loose the dependency on him. i can be happy without being around him. i can laugh and do my own stuff without thinking of those great moments, not even a minute. i used to do that u know. every single thing i saw, there are stories behind. my paintings, my shoes, shirts, mr teddy, blanket,...etc.

there was a time when i brought along my drawing block and oil pastel when going out with him. maybe tak tahan sbb boleh tgk je, dia pun nk melukis jgk. okey, since he insist, i handed over the stuff. hmm..drawing, in his sense is some lines here and there, messy. but then, at the end of it,tada...those scratch end up being a picture of me, (i assumed) because thats the way i've been sitting beside him at the moment.

and see, i can elaborate more on how he do that and do these. how special,funny and annoying he is.

now its 1:46 p.m, time to dressed up and leave. i've got a date. with a schoolmate, a boy friend. in form 3 he used to be the class monitor and i'm his assistant. (there is only five girls in the class out of 30 students). he is a good friend okey.
apparently not as what u guys think.


cokelat lover said... upenyer..hehhe..
kk,ptt la i tgok npe u x hapdet2 blog,rpenyer i yg x tkr link u lg..hampeh tul la i ni..

Missjunne said...

date ngn kawan lama la cik hari ni belajar menapak ke mines.len kali g swimming ajak i tau.