Saturday, March 6, 2010

A gift for a friend..

Last 3rd march was my friend's birthday. A good friend from my secondary school who I suddenly realized that we've known each other for almost ten years. yeah,ten years, starting from form 1 (2001) till now, 2010.

I'm sorry for not inviting u guys..especially kwn2 Elit yg teringin nk mamam spagheti saya..hehe. Last minute punye plan, the idea had just pop out like that after a short phone call he made (to ensure I'm aware of his big day,haha). It's already late when I took the bus to Kajang and bought the ingredients at Giant.

Thank God one of our friend is very kind to let me use her so-called-kitchen. She got a damn gorgeous room, which I really had fall head over heels. Mcm resort, they had a nice balcony (bgn pg the first thing I did was standing there and breath the fresh air,looking at those heart-warming pinky kemboja.) Sgt jeles dgn her place. And I managed to mess them up and come back to my little nest the next morning.

I don't know y, mase tgh prepare the meals I felt very excited and happy and calm and motivated, as if I've done a very big thing that could have changed my life forever. haha,exaggerated. Mesti seronok kan, ada seorang kwan yg masakkan untuk kita..and I think this is far better than donating ur money to buy secret recipes' cake or Domino's or Carls Jr. or whichever u guys 'love' a lot. What I'm trying to do here is giving the sense of esthetical value into a friendship. Money is not everything, we all know that but people now are becoming anxious to spend more to show 'more love' to the one we care.

to my friends who read this, I hope we can find one fine day to get together and cook for ourselves.

tomorrow I've got a perhimpunan Mahasiswa Pahang from all IPTA/IPTS at MMU cyberjaya. Hopefully it will be another great day for us. Till then, bubbye!

~Life is beautiful, in a sense that it covers a lot of painful experiences, enjoyable moments and something that we could never expected to happen. After all, those pains will likely open up other chances of happiness, even in the most little things that we never ever notice before~


cokelat lover said...

hahaha..nnt kter msak sm2 lg ek..kte mkn beso..hahaha

Missjunne said...

tula..birthday kita2 ni..we have 2 do something~