Thursday, March 18, 2010

Go Green!..

This coming saturday, 20th Mac (Happy becoming birthday cik Husna!) I'll be going to Jalan Sg Panjang, Sg Besar Selangor. There will be a marcotting and wildlings collection exercise in conjunction with World Forestry Day Celebrations, 2010. This is the first time I'm involving myself with such a volunteer program and yet I can barely wait to see what's happening there. The green nature inside me is going to be so excited and alive. All this while I've gone through hard times when I do things that are out of my passion. I've done many things half-heartedly or no heart at all for the sake of a degree or other people that matter most, my parents. This time around, I wish I could have so much fun and meet new people with new environment.

On Friday, I'll be out to Kajang in order to find a nice pair of gloves and maybe sunblock cream. and I need hat too!


cokelat lover said...

tQ dh kira wish la ni kan..u terawal ni..go green!!pasni i g bilik u,make sure de pasu tnam pokok kt skeliling blik ek..hehe

Missjunne said...

a'ah husna..boleh wat hutan simpan dlm bilik