Tuesday, March 2, 2010

good news n bad news

for the good news, click here

the bad news is, i need help with an ipod. last 2 days my brother had plugged the tiny thing to my laptop, which already vulnerable with viruses inside. a few hours later he came to me with a pale face. i know something bad had happened. uwaaaaa...the problem is, the green thing had a firmware damaged and i need to restore it using i-tunes. guess wat i failed miserably. somebody pls help coz i dont hv much time to go for a repairing service.


ziha said...

laling..sabar ye, i pon tak tahu mane nk cr ipod.but klu nk beli ipod byk kn je kedai de jual ipod?heh. btw anda di tag..klu rajin buat ler.

Missjunne said...

laling ziha, bukan nk cari no no..never.just nk betulkan.huhu.okey nk wat la ni.tagginggg