Tuesday, March 16, 2010

my acer and Hafiz

dan manusia perlu bersabar, i mean sgt bersabar.

Khamis lepas my acer tiba2 shutdown tanpa notis. Oh, panik. I tried to calm down, take a deep breath and press the power button. At the first few seconds I believe there's nothing wrong because the green light appear,that's mean it can be power-on as usual. And then suddenly the acer shutdown again. Three times attempt and it keeps on being dead.Damn. The worst nightmare seems to become real. The next day and after the next day the acer had been my helpless company. Okey, this is the best time to breakdown honey, since I am running out of money, and I didn't even paid for PPBL's prep and convo's lamination fees and... and...

I hate asking for money, even from my parents or my sister or my brother. But I've got no choice. The repairing must cost me a fortune. Otherwise I have to rob a bank or at least rob that Kedai Adam uphill. I know that mak cik got a loot of money because she sells everything double the price compared to Giant.

Gloomy, annoyed and distress
That would definitely describe my weekend and Mournful Monday. It was mournful because after a few effort done to reach out the sponsor for a repairing service, my heart sank. A visit to a repairing shop--Pusanika make it even worst. 380 MYR. No, it couldn't be that much..

During this hardtime I realized, No one could offer me something that I needed most, a moral support. I need hugs. I need someone to kiss away my tears.

Nevertheless I keep on reminding myself, somehow or someday I'll get through this. There is something He want me to see and be grateful for.
but the painful journey to that someday is killing me....

Thank God He heard me.Yesterday before I go to bed I wished somehow tomorrow morning I'll wake up in heaven. So do I.
After a visit to the library at 1:30 p.m, I went down at Aminuddin's bustop. Waiting for Rapid or 6Z, I've planned to runaway from UKM. To find peace. To make me feel better. Then only I saw my saviour's flyer.. A Uniten's programmer, Hafiz. I text him rightaway. At 3 p.m he's already waiting at the parking lot at Za'ba. I gave him my acer and he left. 6 hours later he gave me a call. I got my acer back and he charge me 125 MYR. What? I saved 255 MYR???!

thank you mommy, daddy
I wouldn't make it if you two hadn't be there for me.