Friday, March 5, 2010


This is Percy , the one that I've picked up from za'ba, it has travelled for 5 hours in the bus with me, and eventually we landed up safely at home. It tooks time to grow but thanks to mom who take good care of this plant while I'm away at uni. Once in a month(s) I'll go home for a holiday and never forget to check out it's growth.
This plant had actually reminds me of my childhood.
I used to love gardening so much and I've spent most of my time with flowers instead of playing like other kids. Watching my mom planting vegetable seeds and watering them twice a day is a wonderful feeling that I could never found in other things. The most interesting part is when we harvest the cucumbers, eggplants, okras and long beans. Dad will take part in harder task, growing banana trees as well as papayas.
Cycling and playing with colorful plasticine are fun, but with those green things I feel more connected, (with nature). At that time, talking to orchids is one of the best therapy, especially after I had a fistfight with my grumpy big brother.


ziha said...

mcm mak saye suke tanam pokok bunga..but kite mint tanam kt barn budy je..haha

Missjunne said...

tanam kt barn buddy xleh cium bau bunga die..xleh sentuh dan belai..huhu