Saturday, April 10, 2010

A scattered mind

I love to be surrounded by people. Charming people. Happy people. Caring and loving people. People who knows how to have fun. People who make things better when life's turning upside down.
Now I'm lonely in this tiny room. Thank God I have Teddy..He is the only thing that I can hug and kiss and snuggle under my blanket. The one who picked up Teddy for me no longer love me. He hate me for dumping him for another guy. Yes, this is a true story.
I love my Teddy anyway.

It was the end of January, 2008. The beginning of a new journey. A new love story.
It was the first date after a few times chatting and hours of phone calls. I just follow my instinct. I have no idea why I've said yes and "pick me up at 5,UKM".
He is a total stranger and I haven't chicken out at all, like I always did. We talk and laugh and tease. That's all.( and, we dine in,ok. )
Hell no, it wasn't 'love at the first sight'. That day I was looking at him like a new friend who is friendly, and weird. The next day we went for another date. Followed by phone calls every day or every time he wasn't engaged with any work at the office. We talked for hours. He's trying hard to make me laugh over his jokes.
Two years full of laughing and crying.

God, I love him. I miss him badly. No one could ever been so special in my life.