Thursday, April 15, 2010

Social networking

Wondering from one account to the other, I saw beautiful pictures.
I saw happy faces, and
great views from overseas. I mean it.

A number of my friends have published their engagement or wedding day photos.
Its kinda.. you know that feeling? when we aren't sure if we can find someone good enough to be with..
for the rest of our live.
Maybe now we are happy with our partner,
but who knows what will happen in the future?

At other times I've seen some old couples
walking hand in hand.
Or taking pictures with the husband's hand warmly wrapped around
his wife's shoulder.
Wow. I am impressed! Seriously.

With all the wrinkles and not-so-slender figure, she still
has her husband by her side.
I know, I know, two love birds doesn't necessarily need to be physically attractive
to be together.
Sometimes a charming-hot-gorgeous guy happens to be an average-looking girl's boyfriend. Sometimes there are couples who were much perfect for each other.

Its communication and mutual understanding that matter most.


cokelat lover said...

wow..jgn ckp psl ni..isu sensitip tuk gdis sprt i..
yup,kdg2 jeles tgok partner len,kdg2 trtnya sape la bkal jdoh kter..
for my age,suma tu dh bole ble pkirkn peritnyer ble dkecewakn,better single laa....lalalala..

Missjunne said...

kita selalu cemburu dgn apa yg org miliki.
dan x mustahil ade org jgk yg cemburukan kita dlm hal lain.
bersyukur dgn apa yg ada.
i believe when something bad happen,
God is telling me that i deserve
something better. :)