Monday, August 2, 2010

am very happy to make everyone smile and laugh..

smile is a sweet potion without sugar.

the sweetness of a smile can cure sadness, failure and depression.

when ur job revolve around customer service, every hour you have to expect something wrong somewhere :D.its a wonderful experience though.

i feel great when i see people started to smile when they see me.when i'm not around, i know they will miss me.
they laugh over my stupid jokes.

kesimpulannya? a smile has the power to form a strong bond of relationship.buat org gembira dan kamu juga akan senang hati, selalu.

Dan sekarang i have to face the reality of leaving the 'happiness' behind. with a bitterness that started to crawl inside, i still put on a smiling face to say goodbye,even its hurt damn much.