Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Gorgeous dress for rent!

The world says hellewwwwww..
its been a months already since my i decided to rent it away with affordable price!
okay. material dress ni satin, color baby blue..and bahagian chest dgn lengan ada laces warna dusty pink.

the moment i saw this dress my jaw dropped and decided to purchased on the dot. no more wondering around bangi and go back hopeless.
kat bangi banyak butik.. tapi sangat priceyyyy and u know what most of them are ridiculously priced. 
a simple baju kurung with luxurious embelishment will cost u a generous rm350!
baju chiffon dgn beads around rm200 and ABOVE. i think sgt rugi cos design da lama...and xdela distinct sgt.xdela gojes sngt pun..hihi
thank god i found this dress on my last day bfore going home for the majlis.
that was a relief. 
ermm skarang baju ni i open for rental. tp tolonglaaa berhati2 memakai coz this is one of fav!
opss bfore that kena tau saiz dulu.
dress is M sized.
my height is 1.57cm..and the dress hang nicely on me..i love the flowy features damn much. okay i'm not a fan of satin cos i think its too shining? but this one is an exception.hehe.the baby blue color is damn gorgeous.hehe
ok...measurement i think it fits nicely on anyone who is at my height, 1.57cm
and slightly slimmer than me..haha. 36-34-42. 
rental rate? 
security deposit, 
which will be refund after returning the dress in GOOD CONDITION.
so total RM250...
sms only, at 013 360 4068.
thank you! :)

                                       i fall head over heels with my diy mini dais and the gorgeous dress! :p

                                                     hyeee..i'm sooo nervous.hehe

                                                                my lovely bff!

                                                   CHenta hati...hehe.officially enganged!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

saya nak jadi pengedar shaklee area bangi, kajang and putrajaya.nilai dan seremban pun boleh.klang..shah alam...dan yang sewaktu dengannya.

sape2 berminat sila contact sy.
terima kasey!